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This year Playtech Estonia's Summer Internship program will take place from June 12 to August 25.

You will get to do the real work, be part of a team and see your input make a difference. You will have a mentor to guide you through your tasks and support you. In addition to all of that you will get paid, too!



Java Developers - If you love software development and you don't really like messing with the frontend stuff, then Java Platform Developer position will suit you perfectly.

QA Engineers - Are you a critical thinker, curious and can find faults from places other people don`t even think to look? Do you have an analytical mind, like to see the big picture and the end result of your work has to be perfect? If your answer is yes, then the position of QA Engineer is just the one for you!

Frontend Developers – Do you want to build awesome web applications using modern web technologies? Are front end web applications something that light a spark in your eyes? Keywords like HTML5, CSS3, ES6 and Sass don't frighten you? Then join the team as a Frontend Developer!



Java Developers - If Estonia’s lousy summers don’t fill you with excitement, come work as a Java Developer instead. Experience our employee-friendly office culture, build the best gaming platform and find new friends. We guarantee you will be leaving with new skills and knowledge about the world of Java!

QA Engineers - Are you a critical thinker, curious and can find faults from places other people don`t even think to look? Do you have an analytical mind, like to see the big picture and the end result of your work has to be perfect? If your answer is yes, then the position of QA Engineer is just the one for you!

DevOps Specialists - Do you want to analyse why software behaves the way it does? Do you want to develop automation tools? Do you want to work with huge databases and big data systems? Do you want to work with cloud systems? Do you want to maintain, change and improve live systems on the go? If Linux, Java/PHP, SQL are not strangers to you and you are eager to learn a lot more, then DevOps position offers it all in an agile environment.

Technical Support Specialists - Do you feel at home in the field of IT? Can you express yourself well in both verbal and written English? Would you like to offer technical support on world-class software and hardware solutions by communicating with Playtech customers all around the world? If the answer is yes, then the Technical Support position is the right choice for Y O U!

Client QA Engineers – If you are particular about details, enjoy examining colorful graphics as well as working with black and white text files and are eager to learn how products reach end-users, then apply for the Client QA Engineer's position!

Solution Managers - If you would like to eat projects for breakfast and being on top of things is your lifestyle, or you just want to play a crucial role in complex and business strategic projects in Playtech, then either way Solution Manager position is meant for you! 

Information Solutions Specialists - Have you ever felt you are Jack of All Trades? Communicating with the customer, gathering requirements, analyzing the solution, figuring out which way to deliver the best user experience and willing to obtain experience in testing solutions - if those are the things you would like to do then Information Solutions Specialist position is for you.  

Change Leads – Do you know what lies behind the doors of a server room and what are those things used for? Even the slightest change has consequences. You are the right fit for this position if you find it interesting to plan changes and organise the work of specialists.

Software Analyst - You will learn how to cover one of the most critical aspects in software development - ensuring the clients’ needs are properly understood by the development team. Be ready for phone calls with the product managers and clients. You will practice your writing and facilitating skills a lot while representing the dev team in front of the clients and vice-versa. If these are the skills you want to learn, then the analyst intern position is for you.



March 16th – Information Day at Playtech’s offices in Tartu and Tallinn. You’ll get to meet the mentors face to face, ask burning questions about the positions and have a tour at your possible future workplace. Doors open at 4PM and the event ends at 6PM. 

In Tallinn, please take the elevator to the 13th floor.

March 26th – Last day to send your application documents!



Drop us your CV
Please note that we don't expect you to have previous work experience.

Write a killer motivation letter
Show us what you got! Describe your previous encounters with the IT sector, such as:

Mark down the position you are applying for
If you happen to be interested in multiple positions, please rank them in the order of preference.

Send your application
For positions in Tallinn:
For positions in Tartu:

Don't forget – application deadline is March 26th!


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Java Developer (Casino unit)(Tartu)

Join a small and agile team which focuses on developing and maintaining a wide variety of in-house software tools. Kandideeri siin »

QA Engineer (IMS unit)(Tartu)

IMS (Information Management System) is the innovation hub, the power behind Playtech's entire product portfolio, providing the set of tools needed to successfully run and manage every aspect of the whole Playtech System. It consists of many services like account service, wallet service, login service, bonus service, loyalty service, chat service etc. Most of them are developed in Estonia. Kandideeri siin »

Full Stack Developer(Tartu)

Playtech’s Information Solutions and R&D group is a global unit that is developing and providing diverse information solutions for internal use, ranging from complex web based information systems to mobile based apps. Our solutions affect and streamline the work of thousands employees all over Playtech. The core technology stack includes following cutting-edge technologies, but is not limited to: ASP.NET MVC/Core, Entity Framework, Angular 1/2, Typescript, Kendo UI, Ionic 2. Kandideeri siin »

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