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There are around 1150 unicorns in the world
and we are proudly one of them.
Let us introduce what makes Playtech one-of-a-kind.

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Hmm… why Playtech?

Gaming industry pioneer

Two decades of experience and prestigious industry awards demonstrate that we don’t follow gaming industry trends. Using cutting-edge technologies and the best talent, we set them.

Unlimited career paths

Our versatility is out of the ordinary. Find your passion and choose from unlimited career paths. With 100+ internal movements a year,
anything is possible with us.

Professional team

Be part of a supportive and motivated community and work with the absolute best in the field. We have experts in more than 150 roles to learn from.

Our stories

Oliver Urb 12 July 2023

Why, how, and who should reuse old tech?

In today’s world, it is crucial to adopt a mindset of reusing and repurposing. This holds true not only for everyday items but also for technology and the devices we...

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Kristiina Vahesalu 24 March 2023

Meet the Real Legend of Playtech Estonia - Taavi!

This is Taavi Keerd, IMS Senior DevOps Engineer, who is our very valued colleague. Last December marked 20 years in the company for him and that makes Taavi our most...

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Tuule Tani 28 February 2023

A 180 to IT World - From Physiotherapist to IT Specialist

If you want to know how it is possible to successfully do a 180 in your career, keep reading our former intern Tuule’s story. She joined Playtech as an intern...

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