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There are around 400 unicorns in the world
and we are proudly one of them.
Let us introduce what makes Playtech one-of-a-kind.

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Hmm… why Playtech?

Gaming industry pioneer

Two decades of experience and prestigious industry awards demonstrate that we don’t follow gaming industry trends. Using cutting-edge technologies and the best talent, we set them.

Unlimited career paths

Our versatility is out of the ordinary. Find your passion and choose from unlimited career paths. With 100+ internal movements a year,
anything is possible with us.

Professional team

Be part of a supportive and motivated community and work with the absolute best in the field. We have experts in more than 150 roles to learn from.

Our stories

Kärt Kaasik 18 January 2022

Playtech Donates 400 000 Euros to Estonian Mental Health Organizations

Technology company Playtech donates  400,000 euros to Estonian mental health organizations, support is provided for MTÜ Peaasjad,, MTÜ Eluliin and MTÜ Valga Abikeskus.

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Hua Zhong 09 November 2021

AI is Coming! Our Artificial Intelligence-Based Test Automation Practice

In June 2021, I was invited to give a presentation at the Nordic Testing Days about our artificial intelligence-based test automation solutions. I enjoy sharing my experience with others, as...

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Ahti Tamm 21 September 2021

Platform Behind the Billion Euro Company

When Playtech was born in 1999 in a four-room flat of a shabby-looking Soviet-era apartment building near the city centre of Tartu, Estonia nobody besides the founders could see it...

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