Playtech Donates 400 000 Euros to Estonian Mental Health Organizations

18 January 2022
By Kärt Kaasik, Brand & Communications Manager
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Technology company Playtech donates 400,000 euros to Estonian mental health organizations and supports the provision of first aid for mental health, the training of mental health counselors, faster and more efficient access to anonymous counseling, and support for people with special psychological needs. Support is provided for MTÜ Peaasjad, Lahendus.net, MTÜ Eluliin and MTÜ Valga Abikeskus.

According to Playtech Estonia's HR Director Triin Sikkal, supporting mental health is important for the company both locally and globally, and is one of Playtech Estonia’s strategical wellbeing pillars. For example, every employee of the Estonian unit can use the services of a free psychologist if they wish, and we contribute to raising the awareness of our employees on how to take care of their mental health through various trainings and information sessions. Every year a month is dedicated  entirely to mental wellbeing topics. "The availability of prompt and high-quality mental health care and social well-being are particularly important in the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, and we are pleased to contribute to this not only by supporting our staff but also by society as a whole," added Sikkal.

The largest grant, over 140,000 euros, is given to MTÜ Peaasjad, which promotes positive mental health, prevents problems and provides early intervention. Anna-Kaisa Oidermaa, CEO of MTÜ Peaasjad, pointed out that every fifth person experiences mental health difficulties during the year, and the number of people in need of support has increased during the crisis, especially among young people. “Our goal is that by the end of 2022, 1% of the Estonian population, including 10% of educators, will be able to provide first aid for mental health. Thanks to the support of Playtech, we can train 900 people, develop a network of mental health first aid providers and adapt the training format to be suitable for teenagers as well, ”added Oidermaa. We support positive mental health and provide care through  five-step programme that can be provided by anyone with sufficient skills and knowledge, but does not require prior professional training. This is to help people who are showing signs of poor mental health, who have an  existing mental health diagnosise that is getting worse, or who are experiencing  a mental health crisis.

Organizations from all countries where Playtech operates today were eligible for support from the COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Foundation, which was announced in the spring with a focus on mental health and social well-being. In total, the Playtech Group has committed to donating 3.5 million euros to mental health and social welfare organizations. The applications were reviewed by each country's own and global community investments committees and managed by the world-renowned Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

"In total, the Playtech Group has committed to donating 3.5 million euros to mental health and social welfare organizations."