Why work at Playtech?

What our employees say

Playtech offers a world of opportunities, experiences and connections, making it a truly exceptional workplace. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, pursue your passions or build lasting relationships – Playtech is the place!
Kristo Kollo
Game Release Manager

Is it easy to make a career switch from professional volleyball to the IT sector? Kristo shares his unique transition story. Discover how his sports career has influenced his current role at Playtech.

Poonam Goankar
Technical Account Managers Team Leader Why Estonia? Poonam shares her personal and professional journey, shedding light on her rewarding role at Playtech, where she mentors and leads a diverse team.
Valdo Kanemägi
Operating Systems Team Leader

How do you blend passion with precision in both work and life? Valdo opens up about his 14-year journey with Playtech and how he navigates through marathons, winter swimming and the art of building – from cars to relationships.

Triin Mikkel
Network Operations Team Lead

Harmony between the technical world and arts? Discover Triin’s story about the multifaceted life she leads, her deep passion for music & art and the strong connections formed at Playtech.


Unlimited career paths

Professional and motivated team

Flexible work conditions

150+ different expert roles to learn from

Awesome team events

Progressive motivational system

Additional vacation days

Attractive discounts with partners

Mental wellness program & psychologist service

Playthlon sports series & sports groups

Family friendly employer

Travel vouchers

Paid days off for personal events

Multicultural top-notch offices

Company events with partners and children

Recreation, massage and sauna at the office

Christmas and graduation gifts

Glasses and sick leave compensation

What our employees say

Marek Tamm
Infrastructure Group Manager

Why do we call Marek the colleague with the most colourful history at Playtech? Find out what has kept him with us for 16 years and which kind of challenges has he accepted during that time.

Tuuli Kanemägi
Infrastructure unit

How did Tuuli end up at Playtech and what was the company like 17 years ago? Take a look at what Tuuli recommends to people who are just starting their IT career.

Priit Sootla

Priit has worked for our founders since 1997 – that makes a contribution of 22 years! Priit describes the work of a gaming composer and explains why he has worked for Playtech for half of his life.

Jaan Laasalu
C++ Developer

What did Jaan think about Playtech when he first heard of us? Jaan looks back at his 12 years at Playtech, reminding the most exciting periods and provides advice to newcomers.

Natalia Massalõgin
Reporting Services Team Leader

How does Natalia compare work at Playtech with her previous employer? Find out what Natalia sees as the perks of an international team and how you can find out which direction is actually yours.

Martin Kiilo
IMS Product Lead

What makes Playtech different from other software development companies? Martin is our best guy to explain which opportunities can Playtech’s significant diversity provide and what unites our people.

The Fish System

The Fish System is our one-of-a-kind progressive motivational plan based on the principle that a foundation for good work performance is to regularly allow time for relaxing, both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is our tradition to assign “fish”-statuses for employees depending on their time worked at Playtech Estonia.

The higher level fish you are, the more benefits you are entitled to. The highlights of the Fish System include having larger “Fish funds” for reimbursement of personal investments made in health, sport and entertainment, receiving travel vouchers and additional vacation days.

Life at Playtech

During the past 20 years, it has become our tradition to organize lots of company events for employees and their families. The yearly highlights include Summer Days and Christmas Party. In addition to that, we have the annual Information Day, teambuilding events, office parties and celebrations of important national holidays at the office on a regular basis.

Born from employee initiative, the past decade has seen the growth of Playtech’s very own sports series Playthlon with five sports events a year to encourage physical activity and try out different sports activities together with colleagues. We also put a lot of energy into mental wellness activities to keep both the mind and the body healthy.


Playtech offices are centrally located and have a modern multicultural vibe to them. Kitchens with the best coffee, fruits, dairy, snacks and an ice-cream fridge in the summer have become the norm. Special relaxation areas with table tennis, pool table and game consoles make sure work breaks are a lot of fun. Free massage is available in both offices during working hours.

In Tallinn, since 2016, we are located at a top-notch Ülemiste City office, occupying the four highest floors of the Lõõtsa 5 business building with a great 360 degree view of Tallinn, the airport and the sea.
In Tartu, our five-storey office building is based at the centre of Tartu, on Vanemuine Street. In addition to an atrium, recreational area, terrace and a sports room, we also have a sauna actively in use.